Our Story

Country Collective means a collection of countries. To be more precise, African countries as a whole. Full of diversity, culture and endless natural scenery across 52 different countries and over 2000 languages we are united as a people. Africa has much to be proud of everyday, all year long. Our goal at Country Collective is to foster an environment where you can stand high and proud of your African roots everyday. Living away from home sometimes can cause us to forget to embrace our roots and hold our heads up high. All our designs are inspired by African roots and the pride to stand tall from the crowds looking classy,casual and comfortable.

Our Mission

At Country Collective we aim to foster an environment where the African community can thrive by empowering all Africans to keep pursuing their endeavors even in the face of systemic hardships that we encounter regularly. We believe as Africans, we have the capability to achieve what is thought impossible of us. We are just as capable and we want you to remember this everyday before you step out to conquer your day.