We bring you different basket designs and styles from across Africa. These baskets are handmade using grasses and/or sisal grown by the artisans themselves in a sustainable way. We collect our baskets from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda. Perfect for wall decorations in your home or office. Other bowl like baskets can be used for fruits among other things.

Tonga baskets- now available in Canada !

Item details
molala palm stalks, woven, wicker
Material: Handmade from local dyed molala palm stalks.
Usage: Wall display or table display

Description and History:
Tonga baskets are traditional and famous woven baskets from the Tonga tribe in Zambia, known throughout the world for their basket weaving techniques and pattern making skill. Each basket is treated with equal care and creativity and takes about two weeks to complete. Each basket has its own distinct and unique design. They make the baskets out of molala palm leaves, each one hand picked and specially selected for its color. The baskets all have an individual design and once complete, transform from a beautiful and natural product to a beautiful, natural and sturdy artistic statement for your interior decor.

About Rwanda baskets

Item details
sisal, sweetgrass
This sisal, woven bowl is handmade by our artisans in Gitarama, Rwanda in East Africa. The women grow their own sisal plants, extract the fibers, then hand-dye and weave them into these beautiful works of art. This sisal basket comes with a string attached to the back so that you can hang it on the wall. In addition to making a beautiful table display, these baskets can also be hung as wall art. You can also combine them with other baskets or works of art to make a collage display.

By purchasing these baskets, you are providing a source of income for women in Rwanda, which in turn helps them to raise healthy families, improve their living conditions, and better their community.

Shipping & Returns:
Item ships within 2 business . Any returns must be made within 14 days of confirmed delivery. Return shipping is paid by the buyer and non-refundable.

Care Guidelines: 

Spot clean only. Avoid using wet cloth or rug as it will destroy/break fibers of basket.


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